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Hi I'm Crystal Kauffman, a new author with Loose-Id. The first two books in my gargoyle series Guardian's Realm: The Combat and Guardian's Realm: The Collision are now available. The third book in the series is coming soon.

The Combat is an action packed romance about shape-shifting gargoyles called the Guardians who protect humans from vampires. The second book, The Collision, is about a Guardian, a vampire and a slave girl who are cast through a magical portal to an enchanted prison and must work together to survive the castle's many dangers. Book three, The Clash, has a vampire heroine and a vampire-hating agent with the Vampire Task Force who is forced to travel to Romania, a vampire infested hot zone, to beg for her help.

Though these stories are interconnected in theme and character, each book was written as a stand-alone read.
Current Releases
Book one in the Night Squad series.   When the sexy trucker he’s fantasized about turns out to be a CIA assassin—and a vampire—whose team needs his help to bring down a drug dealer, bartender Vince West lets go of in...
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Red Hunger
Heiress Madeline Randall Forsythe is on the run for her very life, hiding in a small Washington town as "Randie." Fleeing a deadly family secret, she plans to move on every couple of months to stay alive. But the night she’s due to...
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Comes the Wolf
What is more passionate than forbidden love? Penny Thompson’s impending marriage to a prissy easterner she’s never met signifies the end of her idyllic freedom. A tomboy at heart, she’d rather work her family’s cattle ranch...
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Wild at Heart
Bradford Stratton needs a wife. It isn’t a tragic problem until one considers his disposition. He’d rather spend his days, and nights, with his young lover Frederick. But his father’s gently put request that he marry is nothing shor...
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Saving Lady Ilsa

A Peek Into the Life of Crystal Kauffman

The Collision

The Collision

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