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Steve Blades (who goes by the name of ‘Cutter’) was born in Virginia, raised in Georgia, and began his computing career when he started learning BASIC at age 12, hammering out small programs on a Timex Sinclair 1000. As a linguist and Intelligence Analyst for the US Army, Cutter began learning HTML while stationed at the National Security Agency. On leaving the service, Cutter became part-owner of a growing Advertising Specialty company, developing business automation processes for the company by writing MS Office-based applications. From there, Cutter went on to become a Customer Support Technician with a local Internet Service Provider. Upon showing programming aptitude, he was later moved into their Corporate Support department, providing maintenance and rewrites to existing websites and applications. It was here the Cutter began to really dive into web application development, teaching himself JavaScript, CSS, and ColdFusion programming. Cutter then took the position of IT Director for Seacrets, a large resort destination in Ocean City, Maryland, while also holding the same position for one of its owner’s other companies, Irie Radio. Cutter went on to become the Development Manager for Dealerskins, a company that develops and hosts websites for the automobile dealership industry. Now a System Design Architect with Nsite LLC, he lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Teresa and daughter Savannah. Cutter has also co-authored two books: Learning Ext JS & it's follow-on Learning Ext JS 3.2 (Packt Publishing).

Apart from work, side projects, and maintaining his blog, Cutter's Crossing, Cutter also enjoys spending time with his family, is an avid reader and videophile, and likes to relive his band days with a mic in hand.

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As more and more of our work is done through a web browser, and more businesses build web rather than desktop applications, users want web applications that look and feel like desktop applications. Ext JS is a JavaScript library that makes it (rel...
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Learning Ext JS 3.2

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