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 I’m a transplanted Yankee residing in a North Carolina town famous for being the NC shrimp capital. I was employed by the Department of Defense for twenty-six years as a military historian specializing in Special Operations. I also worked as an archivist and as a museum technician. Now I’m enjoying a new career as a paranormal/historical fiction romance writer for Rebel Ink Press. My first two books, Aurelia and Auric are EBooks and can be purchased through Hopefully, the third in the paranormal series, Clann Doone will be out in late May or early June 2013.

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Captain Alexandre Joao Marshall is furious.  He’s just been tricked by a silly female masquerading as a man, and has signed a binding contract to use his ship, the Scoundrel, in a reciprocal trade agreement between the United States and Br...
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Candles on the Beach: Sleeping in the Arms of a Sea Goddess

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Candles on the Beach, Book 1
“Clann” means family and when Thoralf Lokken rescues seal pups from a shark attack, his family instantly doubles.  The pups are actually orphaned Finfolk twins with an uncanny resemblance to his bondmate, lifemate and day-walking ...
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Clann Doone
  Auric's life couldn't have been better. Poseidon brought him back from the Fade to attend the wedding of his sister, Aurelia, and his best friend, and he even got his old job back as a Poseidon operative.  But he should hav...
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The Navy SEALs feature a trident on their insignia totally unaware that the Ruler of the Seven Seas, Poseidon, has his own SEAL Team. Poseidon has dolphins, seals, mermen and even dragons do battle with those who would pollute his realm with drugs...
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