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Gage Lightgo is a space pirate. He’s been searching for Tamara for three years, ever since she ran off with the score from their last job. No woman arouses him more but he missed his chance to bed her back then. That error will be corrected ...
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Tamara's Future
Daniella is running from an unhappy engagement. Her ex-fiancé has convinced her that sex should be sterile—a quick act not to be enjoyed. Her natural zest for life has been diminished by his constant denigration. Logan is emotiona...
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Stripped by Love
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The sequel to Mastering Marissa. Against all advice, Shelley goes to Darinth, a planet known throughout the galaxy for its dominant men and ruthless treatment of women. She has come to find her friend but instead ends up in chains, in a dungeon f...
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Linking Shelly
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Book 3 in the Power and Pain series. Stephen has decided to return to Sanctuary before his libido rages out of control and somebody gets hurt. Then he sees Mary and they share a vision, which means she could be his mate. He’s delighted. She...
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Inside Sanctuary
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Book 2 in the Power and Pain series   Stephen just needs a little time to himself. He’s tired of sharing every emotion with everyone in Sanctuary. He longs for privacy so he leaves the clan enclave. When Stephen is attracted to ...
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Outside Sanctuary (Power and Pain series, Book 2)

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