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Anything-but-Ordinary is a creed I try to reflect in my writing. Though all of my books have a paranormal twist, the main focus remains love, loyalty and the struggle for redemption. My writing has won numerous awards and appeared on several best seller lists. (Amazon, Fictionwise and All Romance Ebooks)

I live in Colorado with my high school sweetheart turned husband of many years. With a pampered cat curled on the corner of my desk, I dream of faraway worlds and larger than life adventures—and wouldn’t have it any other way!
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  Proud and rebellious, Gideon is banished from the Light. His own words define his punishment, transforming bloodlust into literal hunger. Living by his sword, he wanders the land of mortals, embittered and alone.   Naomi wo...
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Rage and Redemption
Therian Heat, Book Three   Though Devon comes from a line of cougar-shifters, her own animal nature has not yet been defined. The mysterious “backers” have captured her, intent on using her untapped Therian abilities for u...
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Therian Prisoner
  Prequel to the Therian Heat series.   In the time before recorded history, Jatara is a faithful priestess of the Mother Creator, Bellin. Like all Therian women, she is empowered to absorb the animal nature of the male who d...
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Therian Priestess
Therian Heat, Book Two Kyle is the youngest feline-shifter ever to sit on the Prime council and he’s determined to prove himself worthy of the honor. A latent female with unbelievable potential has been identified by the wolves, so Kyle ...
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Therian Promise
Determined to recover a priceless journal, Dro Tar pursues Evan to Las Vegas. Evan insists he took the journal to protect it from the real thieves. Dro Tar isn’t sure what to believe. Her heart has yet to recover from the last time she tangl...
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Cross Fire
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  Commander Lyrik cet Barrel’s mission: determine if the cybernetically enhanced woman is too dangerous to live. His immediate and passionate attraction to the subject isn’t making his assignment any easier. She might be the b...
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City of Tears
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  Trey dar Aune’s routine rescue mission to Earth becomes incredibly complicated when he discovers Dr. Hydran is genetically engineering captive Ontarians to maximize their Mystic abilities.    Krysta despises Dr. ...
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Operation Hydra
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Tal dar Aune, a powerful shape-shifting mage, comes to Earth on a desperate quest to find a mysterious woman before his nemesis destroys her. Little does Tal know the "helpless" female he's come to save is the key to peace on his war...
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Taken by Storm
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Before Carissa has time to react to her sister’s disappearance, she’s kidnapped and taken deep into the Colorado mountains. Her kidnapper swears he’s protecting her, but Carissa doesn’t know what to believe. He emanates dan...
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Therian Prey

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