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Cynthia Echterling was born in Hammond, IN. She is a US Army veteran and studied psycology at FSU while serving at Ft Bragg. She is a author and artist, currently "ghost writing" for/as Stephen Wytrysowski who is also from Hammond but lives in a parallel universe where aliens have established diplomatic relations with Earth. 

The Book, Help  Wanted, Human: No Experience Necessary, is now available at and Amazon. Steve's second book in the Help Wanted, Human series, Paid Holidays,  which details his hilarious adentures, Christmas with aliens, will be out in April of 2012.

Cynthiia is the author of Scavengers, a post-apocolyptic story about a anthroplogist forced to live among the savages e formerly studied.

Her newest book, Torqed: The Quest for Earth, is the story of a young lad with a human father and an alien mother attempting to return to Earth to fulfill his parents last request,

She has also begun a web series entitled The Legend of Killer Killer based on the folklore of the aliens who appear in the Help Wanted, Human books.

She is now living in Indiana with a cat named Katmandu

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Torqed: The Quest for Earth

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                    THE ALIENS ARE HERE! Now How Do We Get Rid of Them! You’ve seen them on TV! You’ve read about them in the Global...
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Help Wanted, Human: No Experience Necessary

A Peek Into the Life of Cynthia D Echterling

Me and author Stephen Wytrysowski

Me and author Stephen Wytrysowski

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