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Cynthia Ley resides in the lush forests of the lower Pacific Northwest, between two active volcanoes and the sea. She is interested in just about everything, especially paranormal studies, science, medieval history and material culture, music, storytelling, animals and interesting people.

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A Note From Cynthia J Ley

Greetings, Readers, and thanks for joining me!

I am a newcomer, having just published my first collection of short stories back in August. Since then, I have published two more--all through Solstice Publishing. If you're someone who has to read on the fly, give me a try. You'll find something to intrigue and delight you.

My first book, Perfect & Other Stories, was a bestseller on Amazon. Tales of a Twisted World, and Creeps & Creepers: Three Eerie Tales, are also carried on amazon. They are all e-books only, being as they are shorts.

Whatever you read, whoever you read, remember that for us, the authors, Reviews Are A Great Goodness, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.



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Tales of a Twisted World

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Creeps & Creepers: Three Eerie Tales

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Perfect & Other Stories

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