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DH Black is a writer living somewhere in the state of Virginia. He is a published author is several other genres writing under many pen names. His writings are very in your face gritty and include aspects of murder, abduction, crime and raw sex. The pieces will tantalize and at times terrify you with their down in your face level of grit. They will also give you a taste of humanity and love from both the positive and destructive sides as we all experience from time to time.


First to be published is his retribution collection being released by Rebel Ink Press. Enslaved isn’t for the faint of heart and DH tackles some difficult issues. Through his books you’ll learn the power of love and understanding. When salvation stands in your way – there’s always retribution.


Member of:


Virginia Romance Writers

Romance Writers of America

Passionate Ink


ARRA – Australian Romance Readers Association


Please feel free to contact him at any time

A Peek Into the Life of DH Black

Gritty and hard

Gritty and hard

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