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Here is a collection of four stories featuring various women who have one thing in common - they are all spanked! In Abacus, an amazing archaeological find leads to Anne travelling back in time. She is soon caught and branded a slave. After se...
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Spanking Heroines through the Ages
  Atonement Her eyes turned by the delights of a younger man, Rachel Bedford leaves her rancher husband, John, who is much older than she is. She realises her mistake and three months later returns to town on the Denver steam train...
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Chelsea and Candida are lying in the sunshine trying to study the complex history of their country, Americana. They read about banned books and the World Beyond - a world which inspired their civilisation. Their own land is one that has a strict r...
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These Lands Beyond
  After her mother's death, Rachel finds herself leaving her native Boston and heading to live with relatives on a struggling ranch in the south. Life is very different there and she finds their way of living harsh - spankings are...
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The Life and Times of Rachel Bannerman
  Mary is amazed to be chosen as this year's intern for the prestigious Lanark Island Herald. She knows that all Lanark interns go on to a bright future. When she arrives at the island, she soon discovers some strange customs, inc...
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The Lanark Island Herald
Founded after 'The Fall' when the world was changed forever and women outnumber men three to one, the Academy is a place of training for young women between 19 and 25. In this school, teachers are punished as well as the students! Having e...
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The Academy
Lizzie is a young woman who is in love with George, a serviceman. After they are married, Lizzie finds herself living with George's mother and sisters Mary and Janey. The discipline regime in the Baines household gives her a stunning realisati...
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Lizzie Baines: A 1950s Spanked Wife
Rowan Greenway applies for and is invited to take up a post as Librarian to Lord Merlin Collden at his castle perched on the border between England and Wales. It is a 'Finding Year' in Lord Collden's mysterious domain, and Rowan has fo...
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The Lord and the Librarian
This is a story about Richard Russell and his secretary's obsession with the Russell Corner; a space in his office where he puts naughty girls after he has spanked them. Our tale also concerns the original wicked stepmother, Catherine Raven, a...
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The Russell Corner

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