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Travel columnist, Ryn Lowell, has been away from Trout Fork, Colorado, for barely a month when a frantic call from Alma sends her hurrying back. One of the Trout Forkers is in jail for the murder of another of the locals. With Jack, her “travel...
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The Mountaintop Murders
She should have known when she fished that Pink Floyd T-shirt out of the creek that it belonged to that waitress, the one who disappeared… Kathryn “Ryn” Lowell has escaped the stifling confines of her office at the New York trav...
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Death in Trout Fork
With their winnings from the local racetrack last season, jockey Tonya Callahan; her trainer father, Royce; and his new bride, Lexi, buy a farm where they plan to breed racehorses. But their peaceful life is shattered when a strange man shows up at t...
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Three to One Odds
Tonya Callahan is struggling to become a jockey in the male-dominated world of Thoroughbred racing. But there is something more sinister then sexism at work at the small Southwestern track where Tonya lives with her father, a successful trainer. Just...
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Dangerous Turf

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