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D.R. Ransdell knew she wanted to be a writer when she was in third grade. She came home from school and started writing a story about how Samantha the Martian came down and taught class for a day! Since then she's moved on to other stories.....

Andy Veracruz Mystery Series:

In MARIACHI MURDER, Andy finds himself up against a terrible temptation--his boss's wife. After she's implicated in a murder, he's not sure whether to come to her aid or to run away, but she's more persuasive than he is--at first.

In ISLAND CASUALTY Andy goes to Greece to recover from the experiences in his first adventure, but a conversation with a felllow traveller leads to wild accusations, midnight Vespa rides, and a lost engagement ring.


Campanello Sisters Travel Novels

In the celebration of Thailand titled THAI TWIST, Gina hopes to deiver a package to a neighbor's long-lost relative, but she encounters so many obstacles that she doesn't have any time for sightseeing. By the time she tracks the man to Chiang Mai, she and her sister have already flown to Phuket. Will backtracking be worth the trouble?

In GREEK MAMBO (Fall 2014), Rachel winds up substituting for  a bouzouki band. Her ostensible goal is to learn about the Greek language and folk music, but attention from the island's star bouzouki player changes her course of action.

An admitted cat lover, D.R. has also edited a book of prose poems by the residents of her pink house: Bandit, Cosmo, Phantom, Ping, and Mei Mei. Find out more:


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A Note From D.R. Ransdell

Thanks for dropping by! If you have any questions, please contact me at  dr_ ransdell  @ yahoo  . com

Current Releases
Dizzy in Durango An Andy Veracruz Mystery Missing women, abandoned children, and a crazy mariachi fan add up to further trouble for Andy Veracruz. After a fellow traveler disappears, he can’t concentrate on vacationing. Worse, he’s saddle...
Available Now!
Dizzy in Durango (An Andy Veracruz Mystery) (Volume 3)
When Andy Veracruz heads to Greece for a sex holiday, the guilt-ridden mariachi player expects to spend afternoons swimming and nights making love. He never expects to get wrapped up in a dark family history that involves the whole town. Andy starts ...
Available Now!
Island Casualty (An Andy Veracruz Mystery) (Volume 2)

Available Now!
Thai Twist
Andy Veracruz is content with his life as the leader of a mariachi band, but when his lover is accused of murder, he has no choice but to defend her. In the process he faces the loss of his strongest loyalties as well as his entire career.   ...
Available Now!
Mariachi Murder (An Andy Veracruz Mystery) (Volume 1)
The five cats who live at D.R.'s pink house take turns telling their tales. Bandit is the Alpha cat. He gives lessons to everybody else. Cosmo is the adventurer. He brings home all kinds of treasures. Phantom is the loner. She pref...
Available Now!
The Secret Lives of the Pink House Cats

A Peek Into the Life of D.R. Ransdell

Braving the cold to explore Norway--in summer!

Braving the cold to explore Norway--in summer!
A beautiful day in the magical city of Delft

A beautiful day in the magical city of Delft
With my niece Tia

With my niece Tia
With m niece Ada

With m niece Ada

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