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A few things you might like to know about D.T. Mann.  She’s 67 years old and loves writing and reading erotic romance novels.  Now re-married and retired from her job at the public library she has decided to pursue the creation of her own stories and characters. 

Mann says her characters help her write her books:

“I am having so much fun in the process, knowing these new friends I’ve created.  I find the fantasy/fiction aspect of erotic romance fascinating.  I don’t shy away from explicit sexual scenes if they are well-written and I find them appropriate to the story line.”

She will use erotica or a small amount of spanking -- whatever works. 

“A little adult spanking doesn’t hurt any Alpha or his partner’s love life and we all love our wealthy gorgeous Alphas.  Married or single at any age we all fantasize over these hot men and what they do to the women they love and to our libidos.

D. T. Mann lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, Dave.  She has two adult children and two “beautiful and brilliant” grandchildren.

“I love to read and travel but my first and abiding love is writing.”



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