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Clare’s a high-powered London barrister, and beautiful and sexy to boot. She gets stood up by some jerk in a posh London hotel. Happily, a dashing American entrepreneur is on hand to give her the night of hot sex she so desperately craves. O...
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The Dorchester Puzzle
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Kate meets her perfect man. He’s rich, intelligent, handsome, and sexy. A genuine contender for the vacant post of husband.  But is there a catch? Is anybody really perfect?  Kate soon learns that her new man has some special ne...
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The Dominatrix's Apprentice
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In her quest to find the perfect husband, Kate meets a real-life James Bond figure  with a licence to kill.
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The Spy Who Seduced Me
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Kate has washed her scumbag adulterer husband out of her hair and taken herself a fabulous Sicilian lover! While highly satisfactory in a very physical sense, Luciano is not destined to be hers, so her journey to find the perfect husband continues! ...
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The Dream Lover
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A woman betrayed… When Kate finds her scumbag husband putting it to a lowly barmaid in their bed, that is the last straw. It’s time to leave, and leave she does. A woman determined… Kate isn’t going to let this setb...
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The Sicilian Stallion

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