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Daccari Skye Buchelli

Born in 1993, British Fantasy Novelist Daccari Buchelli focuses on the darker side of human nature, with just a sprinkle of old school magic. Daccari composes novels aimed at young adults, whom he hopes to inspire with his unique writing style.

Realizing his love of language as a young child, he spent all hours of the day reading and writing fantasy stories. As a young man, Daccari was greatly influenced by authors Garth Nix and Terry Goodkind, who have inspired him to grow and to never give up on his lifelong dream.

Diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, Daccari often struggled to identify well with his peers and would often feel lonely until he picked up a book. Fantasy Novels brought him into a sublime world of colour and creation. He remains caught up in this world to this day as he works on the genre he most adores. Fantasy.

When away from his trusty ball point pen, Daccari enjoys rock music, as well as curling up with a good book and a nice cup of tea.

Current Releases

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Sweet Surrender

A Peek Into the Life of Daccari Skye Buchelli

Author photograph

Author photograph
Novel Cover to Sweet Surrender

Novel Cover to Sweet Surrender

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