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Calliope thought she knew death. She sees it every day in her job and feels it around her. Who knew when she called to that presence it would appear in the form of Arius? The connection they make is almost instantaneous. She kisses him on impulse,...
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Dark Love 3: Don't Fear the Reaper
Saying goodbye was the hardest thing he ever did. To get her back, he’ll pull out all the stops. Octavia Hinds knows all about hard work. She worked at her father’s bodega at nights and went to school in the day to become a therapist. ...
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That Sexy Talk
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Humans are marks in Locke's ledger, nothing more, until he encounters the one woman he can't tempt, can't coerce and can't get out of his head. Paris Fairchild lives from one paycheck to the next, yet Locke's never seen anyone ...
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Dark Love 2: Something Wicked
For a crime committed in the halls of heaven, Caim fell from grace to become one of the fallen. His punishment is to serve in the pits of the underworld as collector of the devil's debts. A thousand years in the servitude of demons is more tha...
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Dark Love 1: The Darkest Joy
You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. The song grated on his nerves every time someone hummed it. But what could he expect, being named Danny Grinch and living in Christmas Town U.S.A.? Being the wood craftsman and the creator of Unique Toys didn&r...
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Reindeer Games: Sweet Silver Bells
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Don’t shy away from love, it will find you anywhere... Nadira Webb remembers her grandmother’s words when she meets the gaze of a sexy soldier across the ballroom floor. The instant their eyes connect she feels an undeniable, sizz...
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Gypsy Moon
Dahlia Rose Best selling author of "Velvet Leather and Roses" and "Caribbean Blue". Brings you love and passion like no other in Sensual Bites. A compilation of some of her short stories, including her featured novella "...
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Sensual Bites
The saga of The Collette sisters comes to a close with this thrilling third installment! The final battles draws near. Betrayed by the one person they thought they could trust, Willa Collette had to fight for her life as she and her family fled t...
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The Collettes: Willa
Sola ColletteÆs birthday looms on the horizon in a few weeks and so does her destiny, a fate that is tied in with her sisters. Three girls born of vampires three hundred years ago, whose hearts only made one beat before they lived life as part ...
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The Collettes:Sola
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