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About our girl Dakota!

Hello Mystery Aficionados!

Welcome to the new voice in mysteries.

Dakota McGraw has travel all over the world and lived in various countries. In fact, she made it a point to hit all seven continents before the age of 40. And in 1998 at the age of 33, she traveled to Antarctica on a Russian Ice-breaker ship.

But before that, she lived in Italy taking voice lesions. Classically trained, she is a mezzo-soprano. Her love of classical music can be seen when she writes in her study. Sometimes it’s Rachmaninoff in the background. Other times Chopin or Mozart. Whatever gets her creative juices flowing for her next crime scene.

She’s dated interesting men in her life and is married to one that’s even a mystery to her. LOL.

<WHISPERING> It’s also said that she dated a mobster once. But she said he was in real estate… that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

An aficionado of the genre herself, Dakota writes her stories with a slightly different spin. Lots of humor. Whether it’s dry, out right hilarious or tongue-in-cheek. And it doesn’t matter what genre.

Who else can have a character crack a joke right in the middle of a morgue scene?

Her love of the genre is so deep, she writes everything from cozies--The Pamela Whitherspoon Mysteries; to romantic suspense--The Vincent Kapoulous Mysteries and even crime/comedy (her own made up genre. LOL). Look out for The Lady and the Mobster coming out early January.

There will be Thrillers and espionage too, so stay tuned for that!

So come by a check from time to time and see what she has cooking up her sleeve.

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Current Releases
BLURB: What does a mansion; a prize show cat and a diamond necklace have in common?  Crazy people! That’s Professor Pamela Whitherspoons’ assessment when she is thrown into the world of cat shows, an eccentric owner and the ...
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Cat's on the Cradle: A Pamela Whitherspoon Pet Detective Mystery

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