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I was born in Oxford, Connecticut, grew up in the state of Washington, and then re-located back to Connecticut as an adult. Always a lover of books, I spent much of my childhood reading, visiting the library (my best friend’s mother was a librarian), and writing. I studied English at Central Connecticut State University, and while I hold a full-time day job, I've been writing for seventeen years. 

I'm a fan of hiking and the outdoors, seriously good writing, and I never, ever starts the day without chocolate and coffee (preferably together). Music inspires me, and I like to listen to alternative metal. When I listens to lyrics, I find myself imagining stories behind the words…it’s a great writing exercise.

If you were to visit my house, you'd meet my husband, 2 kids, our dog Lea (most people simply refer to her as The Beast...and for good reason), our cat Luna (affectionately known as Loony Luna), and a couple of parakeets that see no point in keeping quiet during the day.

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