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  Twins Marcus and Micah have moved all over the country, trying to find a place to run their favorite business. They love their coffee shop, but there's always something, some sort of malevolent presence always ruins it for them. The...
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  Scooter is just out for a good time, and maybe a friendly roll in the hay, when he meets up the members of the most fascinating band he's ever seen. There's something about all of the hot musicians that turns Scooter on, but it&...
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Luck of the Draw
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Nick figures his thing with doctor Lee can’t be love. A break-up and booty calls sure don’t add up to something permanent. Still, even agreeing to his best friend’s plan to set Nick up on a date can’t keep him apart from Le...
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Must Be Love
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Trace and Dwayne have been together a lot of years when Dwayne decides he's bored and wants to leave. Hurting and growly, Trace tells Dwayne to just go as he prepares the ranch for the mother of all storms his knees are telling him is co...
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Hayden used to have a good job and a best friend. When his best friend screws him out of his job for the most selfish of reasons, Hayden figures he deserves a beer. Computer geek Mike is also out of a job at the same company, and he figur...
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Loic is in the lawyer business for the cash. He’s not some bleeding heart liberal willing to work pro bono like Justice Hibbideux. When a case comes along that pits old money against a poor bartender, Loic knows which side he’d r...
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Black Mustard: Justice
Paranormal When Toby finally comes home, it’s only to see his momma one last time before she passes on. He’s not sure if he’s happy or furious that Malachi shows up to lend a hand, especially since Toby has never found Ma...
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What Matters
With nothing better to do, bored university student Lee starts watching the lady who lives in the apartment across the street. She seems like she might be in some sort of trouble, though Lee doesn't know exactly what. Lucky for him, his lover Alej ca...
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Picture Window
Andy McBride and Warren Brower have been friends since grade school. They've argued about football just as long. Andy's a Longhorn's fan for life, while Warren's a Sooner. Their best-friend rivalry lasts until they graduate from high school and Warre...
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Burnt Orange: Sooner or Later
Joe knows he's screwed up, but he's not willing to let his long-time love get away with the cold shoulder. He's already made things even, but now he wants to make things right, and he's willing to admit his own mistakes and f...
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Making it Even
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