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 Luckily, I have a very understanding wife and two children who provide plenty of ideas and support to keep me going. My wife’s dreams alone could provide a lifetime of writing. Thanks honey!

Writing is something I've done since I was very young but only in the past year have I had the nerve to try and publish anything.

I love short stories because my attention span is non-existent. This might explain my work history and long list of hobbies.

Currently, I'm finishing  another short story collection, two screenplays and a hot dog. 

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Do you believe in ghosts? What about the afterlife? Are you truly ready to search for proof? Ethan Jacobs is a computer programmer and amateur ghost hunter who tries everything he can think of to communicate with the dead, keeping his notes in an ...
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The Unauthorized Autobiography of Ethan Jacobs
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Cheating death, cheating time, looking for the easy way out. These things have consequences. Consequences that can be violent and painful. What Tangled Webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive. "What Tangled Webs" is short story ...
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What Tangled Webs
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A collection of short scaries for grown ups. Everyone has demons. I recommend you face them before they get out of hand. 17 shorts in all.
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Demons and Other Inconveniences
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