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As the threat of war looms over them, Aidan Collins must fight not only for the future of his relationship, but for the soul of his country as well. Aidan Collins thinks he knows what it means to go to war--he's wrong. Yet, for his sins, all h...
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Awakening Camelot (A Wizard's Quest #3)
Elias Sutterby is quite content to live his life alone, focusing on nothing but his work. The Dark Prince, of course, has an entirely different idea of where Elias should focus his attentions. Scholar Elias Sutterby has no time for anything or any...
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The Autobiography of the Dark Prince as Written by Elias Sutterby
After his victory in the desert, Aidan must figure out his feelings for Eallair before a desperate break-in at the heart of the country. He fears one of them will die before he finds out what love really is. With the horrors of the desert left beh...
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Awakening Arthur (A Wizard's Quest #2)
On the list of things Aidan shouldn't want, Eallair and the freedom he offers are at the very top. Can he overcome his upbringing and find happiness with a mad sorcerer while fighting the very system he's always believed in? Aidan Collins ...
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Awakening Aidan (A Wizard's Quest #1)

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