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Dana Tanaro Britt

Dana Britt writes stories about the hope that leads hearts to finding their way home–bringing the story to a sweet, lasting happily ever after. She is most inspired by every day life where ordinary people are making happily ever after happen one moment at a time.

As a Kentucky girl transplanted in the Hoosier state of Indiana, Dana believes home can be wherever the love is found–a person, a place or a state of being–and that hope is the key to everything.

Her life’s motto is Dum Spiro, Spero–While I Breathe, I Hope.

When not writing, Dana can often be found porch sitting with a book and sweet tea to hand, sometimes thinking about taking a walk. She enjoys road trips, taking pictures and, above all, spending time with her own Hero and two young adult children.

Her first book, Shades of Blue, will be published by Booktrope in May 2015. She is currently writing her second book and looking forward to warmer days–for that porch sitting and walk dreaming, of course.

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Heart-broken and reeling with grief, Charlie flees to a far-flung tropical island in search of a safe haven where she can let her treasured memories consume her. Hiding away from the world, she battles nightmares and fresh tragedy while trying to mak...
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Shades of Blue

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