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Dani-Lyn Alexander

Dani-Lyn lives on Long Island with her husband, three kids, and three dogs. She has always worked with children, first as a dance teacher and choreographer, and then directing several high school plays.

The first book she ever read was So Big, when she was three years old, and she's had a book in her hand ever since.

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Dune Road, gateway to the Hamptons, where the rich come to play. When Cole spots Ashleigh on Dune Road, staring out at the ocean, her vulnerability calls to him. A playboy at heart, he wrestles with developing feelings he doesn't understan...
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Dune Road
Realm of Light Book 2:  A suspicious past, a daunting secret, a forbidden romance... How much does it take to tip the scales from good to evil?   When Lexie Davis wakes to find herself surrounded by luxury with no memory of who s...
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Truth and Deceit
Book One of the Realm of Light series: Trust is the ultimate weapon in the battle against evil.   Single mother Shay McKeon is no dummy—she’s intelligent as well as street-smart. But when she receives a phone call threaten...
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Trust and Betrayal
Madison Delaney is accused of murder. Rafe Jackson is charged with protecting her. When the courthouse erupts in gunfire, Rafe jumps into action and drags Madison to safety. As the two go on the run, with Madison in cuffs and shackles, things real...
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The Prisoner

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