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Daniel Lance Wright

            I was born in the fall of 1950. Our home was a 153 acre cotton farm about 35 miles southwest of Lubbock, Texas. Memories are peppered with snapshots of spring sandstorms, blistering hot summers, cotton fields and farm houses dotting a broad treeless expanse from horizon to horizon.

            The neighborhood was not a row of houses lining a street, but an area that was, at the least, a ten mile radius around our home. This was my world into early adulthood.

            My elementary, junior high and high school days, from the mid ‘50s through the flower-power era of the ‘60s, were all at the same place, Meadow, a town of less than 500. The largest structure in town was, and continues to be, the grain elevator. 

            Thanks to an English teacher with a strong vision of providing a well-rounded education, even in Meadow, Texas, I became enamored with acting and promptly became involved with one-act play competitions. This was my initial indoctrination into an appreciation of our language and just how powerful a well-written sentence can be.

I became interested in broadcasting and went to work at a radio station in Lubbock right out of high school.

The die had been cast. My next 32 years included riding a wave of employment in the broadcast industry, the stint in radio only about a year and a half of it.  In April, 1970 I landed a news writer/reporter job at KLBK TV in Lubbock and over the next two years I solo anchored and co-anchored news sequences, did adlib weathercasts, hosted half hour interview programs, MC’d telethons, became lead staff announcer, and generally believed I would die if that dizzying pace continued, working up to 80 hours a week.

            So, a query from KFDX TV in Wichita Falls was quickly replied to and in April 1973 my new wife Rickie, my two-year-old daughter, Angela, and I made a new home in Wichita Falls.  In 1975, Lance, our only other child was born.  I eventually settled into the role of weatherman and this continued until 1983.

I made a critical decision that year, changing the course of my future; I became a television sales and marketing account executive. All went well until the station sold and top management turned into a revolving door of diverse personalities, one clashed with mine. 

            In 1991 I secured a position as regional sales manager of KWTX TV in Waco and later promoted to Local sales manager over a department of eight advertising account executives.  But, as with any mid level management position, it is the most tenuous when top management changes. I was politely asked to find other employment in the spring of 2001.

            It happened to be a nightmare that supplied the catalyst for another life change, reviving a dormant passion of years past. I figured the best way to rid my mind of a nagging nightmare was to open my mind and let my fingers flow and put it in writing. I did, a 95,000-word science fiction novel, The Last Radiant Heart. It was published by Virtual Tales in September 2010. Unfortunately, it is currently orphaned due to dissolution of that company and I’m searching for a new publishing home for it.  

            Currently, I’m working on marketing two other titles; Paradise Flawed through Dreambooks LLC, Six Years’ Worth through Father’s Press, and Where Are You, Anne Bonny? through Rogue Phoenix Press. And, I’m busily shopping publishers for six other titles.

            If I had to publicly admit something I should change about my writing, it would be that I need to specialize in a single genre and cease hopping from one to the next. And, this I vow to do... someday. In my portfolio of stories are 2 sci-fi, 2 mainstream, 1 suspense/thriller, 1 young adult, 1 action/adventure and 1 historical drama.   

A Note From Daniel Lance Wright

"The Last Radiant Heart" is considered an orphaned title because Virtual Tales (the publisher) has dissolved the company. I (Daniel Lance Wright, author) still have a limited supply of print editions available for sale. Email me at and I'll be happy to get you a signed copy. Just remember, the supply is limited.

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A Peek Into the Life of Daniel Lance Wright

Signing event at "Swirl" in Clifton, TX

Signing event at "Swirl" in Clifton, TX
A good spot to sit and focus on a writing session

A good spot to sit and focus on a writing session

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