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Danni Price lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two girls, two cats and four dogs.  When not chasing after a child, tripping over a greyhound or working full time, she is hunched over her laptop writing hopelessly silly romances.

Current Releases
Lady Charlotte has one night to select a husband or her father will marry her off to the sadistic Lord Crowley. When she meets the blue-eyed Viscount Sutherland, she thinks her prayers have been answered until she learns the handsome lord isn't w...
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Once Upon a Touch (Forever Wicked)
Evie’s life is complicated. Just getting to an important presentation at work is full of pitfalls, the largest being an ex-boyfriend who refuses to move out of her home. She’s had enough of men and her domineering boss who takes all the c...
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Years after the accident that claimed his fiancé’s life, Ben has recovered physically, but his heart remains closed off -- until he finds himself in the most unlikely of places, Amelia’s Emporium of the Esoteric. After an eerie ...
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In The Cards
Ten years is a long time to be cooped up in one place. So when Nadia's father tells her that the zombies have all rotted away, she sneaks outside the city walls for a little fun. Only the zombies are still very undead, and being dragged through t...
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Ready for a fresh start, Trina dumps her controlling boyfriend and accepts a transfer halfway across the state. On the way to her new home, she comes upon two gorgeous men skinny dipping. She decides there’s no harm in a little fun with the two...
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All She Needs
Quinn loved life. Too bad he's dead. All in all, dying didn't get him down. His death had been the thing of bucket lists. In the middle of screwing a knockout blonde, he'd gone out on top. Literally. No, the afterlife was what suck...
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Just when she thinks her day can't get any worse, Renee catches her boyfriend cheating on her -- with another man. Then her car breaks down on a deserted road. The last person Renee expects to come to her rescue is her high school sweetheart. ...
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