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Darcy Abriel delights in the stories that flirt with the dark side of emotion and passion. Going back to the days of Saturday Night Chiller Theaters, series such as Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits, toss in a dash of Alfred Hitchcock and these are the stories that have always fascinated Darcy. That edgy sense of danger that leaves one tingling. Be it a roller coaster ride, a Dracula movie, or a good erotic horror read at the darkest slice of night. Visit the dark side with mystery and passion, eroticism and tingling fantasy. Explore what makes your heart pump faster, your blood run hotter, and the adrenaline surge.

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Olivia once yearned for love and the perfect marriage. She thought she'd found it when she wed sweet, handsome Ethan, never dreaming his romantic demeanor masked an abusive demon. Through her dreams, Olivia found the courage to leave him. Now,...
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Hot Satin And Blood-Red Silk
Two vampires hunt for entertainment-and dinner-on a dark, seductive night. Yum-yum... Vampire blood games require a unique sort of "talent scout." Claud plays front man for the powerful Silas, ferreting out tasty treats to satisfy the an...
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Blood Games: Talent Scout
Part of the Howling At The Moon 2012 series....Tallin Undine was once human, but is now a wuv-beast, a creature of the Zhalazti clan, ruled by the moon, and made through moon-madness and savagery. With his human family slaughtered, Tallin continua...
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Run To Ground
Duty and honor demand the ultimate sacrifice. Humanotica, Book 2 Everyone has their poison. For Haevyn Breina, it’s her inability to resist a dare. This time it’s a challenge from her friend and lover, Grisha, to sneak into t...
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Humanotica 2: Haevyn
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From the Journals of the Viadine... They Walk the Earth Among Mortal Men... The Fallen, having descended to earth, vulnerable to all manner of earthly pleasure and sin, were barred forevermore from Heaven. Easily seduced by the beauty of...
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Dark and deadly adventure awaits in the old-west town of Deadeye. Vitus, a displaced Roman soldier, and Caecilia, handmaiden to a lusty goddess, must embrace a world of lustful and devious demons, in a town of high-stakes gamblers, quick and murde...
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Born to freedom. Molded into submission. Pleasure is her only weapon. Humanotica, Book 1 No matter what the law decrees, Entreus is no one's chattel. And he's determined that no other humanotic-part human, part robot-spends o...
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Humanotica 1: Silver
The lovely and seductive Gulietta requires sex on an inhumanly frequent basis. It isn't until the Roman immortal, Quintus, barrels into her life, revealing the identity of her father, that suddenly she's dropped into a magical world popula...
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Behind The Black Door
Two her attacker...the other her savior... Gavin Killian was evil right to the core. His half brother, Devon Masters, was the complete opposite. Ten years ago, it was Gavin who practically destroyed Haley Lancaster when she was seve...
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Cruel Memories
In the end he begged to serve the demonic vampire who made him.  Maximilian Wolffe was unwillingly turned vampire in 1570.  A brutal master should always beware of what he creates. He claimed her as his servitess.  In 1872 Veni...
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Lucille is a very sexy human who has tried to deny her nature.  She has needs that can't be assuaged by one mortal man.  Powers she doesn't understand.  There is one man who may be able to answer her questions.  She'...
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Siren's Nocturne
A vampire with a raging thirst for human blood and erotic pleasure; a man with a secret mission to find and destroy the undead.  But lusty midnight passions defy logic, while boundaries and duty hold no sway on the decks of the Night Stalker....
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Vampires of Noctra: Blood Bounty

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