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D K Gaston was born in Detroit, Michigan. He left Michigan as a young adult to serve in the U S Army from 1985 to 1990. During his stint in the military, he traveled overseas to Korea, Japan, Mexico and Australia. After leaving the Army, D K earned his Bachelor degree at Detroit College of Business in Computer Information Science. He worked as a janitor, security guard, computer instructor, word processor, and computer technician before centering his career in computer networking. Since then, he'd earned two Masters Degrees from the University of Phoenix in Technology Management and Business Administration. D K Gaston is the author of XIII, The Friday House, Lost Hours and Darkest Hours. He is a husband and father, residing in Michigan. He is currently working on his next novel.
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To get his mind off his recent divorce, Detroit private investigator Joe Hooks takes what he thinks will be an easy job. He is to pick up a package from billionaire Montgomery Webb, an eccentric businessman. But Joe finds more than he bargains for wh...
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Darkest Hours
Without warning or explantion, prominent Americans are carrying out horrendous crimes. FBI Special Agent Jamaica Kurtz is assigned to profile these assassins. All the killers have one thing in common, the Friday House Orphanage.  What secrets...
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The Friday House
On Father's Day 1982, a twelve year old was blamed for the multiple stabbing death of his father. The boy had no memory of doing it. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to two years at a mental hospital. Twenty-three years later, now a private d...
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Lost Hours
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Avery Hudson's life had been turned upside down the moment took on the assignment of tracking Hollywood actor, Jason Peters. The only bright light was small town sheriff, Mary Jamison. Together, they are pitted against forces beyond their control. Th...
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