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Darlene C. Hancock

Darlene C. Hancock began writing in the mid-eighties as an outlet from work-related stress.  Nightly, she would sit and listen to her characters tell their stories, watch their lives unfold in her mind and write.


 After writing a few manuscripts, life got in the way, and she laid down her pen.  During this time she went to college, where she excelled in writing and won an award from her peers.  When life slowed down, Darlene joined an online writing community and realized there was a lot to learn about creative writing.  Setting the goal to become a published author, she learned from her mentors, took a couple of online writing classes, and continued to work on improving the craft.


Along with writing, Darlene is also a graphic designer and artist.  She recently earned her associates in Graphic Design.


Darlene lives in the South with her husband, youngest son, mother, stepdaughter and three crazy dogs.  


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