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While working as a newspaper sportswriter, Darlene Gardner realized she'd rather make up quotes than rely on an athlete to say something interesting. So she quit her job and concentrated on a fiction career that landed her at Harlequin/Silhouette, where she's currently writing for Superromance. She's also written for Temptation, Duets and Intimate Moments as well as Dorchester Love Spell and Avalon.

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Current Releases
An Original Publication. These are the first three 25,000-word volumes of a nine-volume New Adult serial with mystery, romance and missing memories. The three volumes together equal the length of a traditional book. Dead Ringers 1: ILLUSION ...
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Dead Ringers: Volumes 1-3
Giving up is not her style. The odds are about a million to one. But after eleven years, P.I. Maria DiMarco jumps at the possibility that her brother might still be alive. And when she makes a wish on a rare pre-Christmas shooting star, well, ...
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Wish Upon a Christmas Star
  An original publication Is he reaching out from the grave to ask her to solve the mystery of his death? A romantic mystery with ghostly overtones. Cara Donnelly is sure she's never visited the sleepy Florida town of Secret S...
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Sound of Secrets
Normal 0 Murderer. That's what they call him. That's what he calls himself. It’s nine years since Michael Donahue set foot in his Pennsylvania hometown, but they’re all still pointing fingers. Even after he risks h...
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The Hero's Sin

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