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  With more than 60 books to his credit, mostly novels, How It Ought To Be, Damn It departs from the author's usual mode. He takes a great, defiant leap squarely into the middle of the political and cultural maelstrom plaguing his beloved...
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How it Ought to BE, Damn it!
Samantha Douglas--Sammie to her friends--is a pretty, shy ten year old girl living in a remote area of Alaska with her parents. She is normal except for one very unique and exceptional talent: she has been able to talk to animals as far back as she c...
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Samantha's Talent
The afterlife isn’t what he thought it was. When Daniel Nelson’s cancer-ravaged body finally gives up he finds out that dying was easy compared to what comes after. He learns that while there still doesn’t appear to be absolute p...
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No Heaven, No Hell
In OOPS!, Darrell gathers together a collection of brilliant short stories which includes: "Oops!" When Cupid and a Gremlin bump heads, the sparks fly in a rare fantasy story by the author. Others stories in the collection include. "A Simple Idea", a...
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Tonto, a cross-eyed, ADHD affected little Weenie Dog with only one testicle is suddenly called upon to save the world from an alien invasion! Can he do the job? Well, perhaps, if a compulsively cursing alcoholic super-genius and his co-ed groupies...
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