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The son of a rural itinerant worker, I had more schools than years to the end of my secondary schooling. I went to sea as a ship's engineer in 1959 and left it in 1997, with breaks for service as a Surveyor to Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Lecturer in Engineering and Superintendent Engineer.

I returned after one break in the mid 1970s (after the births of our three children) having sold two short stories to long defunct men's magazines. A writing life beckoned, but engineers do not make hasty decisions so I experimented with writing novel length fiction. One story I wrote ten times from beginning to end on a cheap portable typewriter, accumulating ten versions in lever arch files before deciding a writing life could never meet my financial obligations to my family.Writing was relegated to an enforceable relaxation from a 24/7 career in the offshore oil industry until I retired in 1997.

With time on my hands at last, I began by entering writing competitions of all types, winning two national ones and a five book contract with a small Australian publisher of category romances in paperback form. Six books later, when the company failed, I was published in the US in e-book form, still as Amy Gallow--the female pseudonym my first publisher insisted I adopt.

Amy published eighteen stories, magazine shorts included, before I released my first book as David Andrews. She gave me the services of eleven editors and four publishers to hone my skill as a writer. I still write occasionally as Amy.

On August 1st, 2012, Eternal Press will release Coasting, the story I wrote ten times in the mid 1970s and I am working on another sea story I wrote first in 1982 set on an aging supply boat working in the Timor Sea.

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About the book: A Caribbean Odyssey Book. Death was the price of failure. A desperate race to the Windward Passage, becomes a trap for the privateers turned pirates during the temporary peace following the Treaty of Amiens. Nepeans cunning cou...
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Home is the Sailor
About the book: He would not die. She was old, bordering on obsolescence, under-powered and small. Her crew were the last scrapings of the barrel, a mixture of drunks, old hands and new chums, yet the Sapphire Sea carried as many hopes and ...
Available Now!
The Spphire Sea

Available Now!
  Coasting: (1) to sail along, or near, the coast between ports in the same country; (2) to roll along without effort, freewheel, usually downhill; and (3) (colloquial) to just let things happen. Her voyage on the Kooy...
Available Now!
An ambitious sergeant-at-arms, a vengeful pontiff and a ruthless gambler are unlikely allies, but each plays their part as First Born take their place in the struggle to limit the evil of the Federation. When Rachael, and then Kayelle join in, an ...
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The Alliance
A brother par excellence, comforter, protector, mentor, guide, working overseas to support her and his mother, everything a brother should be and rarely is—or a lover beyond her dreams? Drawn into a web of intrigue by others, Heather’s...
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Her Brother's Keeper
A dying 107 year-old veteran of WWI, the French Foreign Legion. WWII and Korea wakes, observing an environmentally sustainable world where war is impossible from a place he names "Limbo". The world is controlled by immortal min...
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The First Born
Dinner at the Captain’s table, dancing cheek to cheek, and that uniform! The final night of Ruth Lambert’s romantic cruise is pure magic…until Matthew Parker’s duty intervenes. A night of promised passion becomes five ye...
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A Fair Trader
It would take a very special soldier to overcome Megan Ryan’s distrust of all things military. A fallen officer’s daughter, she has become right-hand woman a Davidson’s Machine and Tool, a family business in deep financial troubl...
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A Soldier's Woman
Allison Farrell was content with the familiarity of her childhood home and secure in her position at Mayfield’s until Stuart Ferguson drifted in to blow her safe haven apart. On the snowy peak of Mount Kosciusko, she discovers a blaze with...
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Snow Drifter
A beautiful Pit Chick with a reputation as a jinx; A rider with one last chance to prove himself; and An untried machine they call the “Widow-Maker.” A terrible combination in the countdown to the start of the Australian Motorcyc...
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The Widow-Maker

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