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Although I'm supposed to be writing a biography of myself here I am not an author who seeks publicity for me due to the honest approach I take to my writing, but do believe I should at least offer something to readers in order to promote what has been my pet-project for some time: Psychotic Memoirs.

The bare-bones of Psychotic memoirs (coming out the journey within) were completed quite some time ago but there has been a lot of tweaking and until recently the project was not something I thought might be completed or at least not in the short-term. I have carried the manuscript with me on my travels throughout the years and have shown it to a lot of friends and aquaintances

- with some very positive feed back and, surprisingly enough, empathy with me in the book.

As can be seen after finishing Pschotic Memoirs (Coming out the journey within) there is a promise of more to come but
this current part of the memoirs is about time spent in a suburb of Madrid called Alcala de Henares.

Some readers may notice that some of the references are not exactly present day such as watching James Cameron's Titanic in the cinema (although ironically - this year of 2012 it could seem contemporary as Titanic returns in 3d) suffice to say my life did not finish at the end of the book and I went on to graduate and get work. This said things have not exactly been easy nor have they worked out quite as planned in my earlier years before and during the events in the memoirs and some of the themes of the Psychosis have been revisited - a promise of another volume or two perhaps? :-)

Despite having held tight on attempting to publish, the themes of the work are still current and will most likely continue to be.

I will say something of who is the principle voice in the book - me at 20, a university law and language student attending a Spanish university with a view to learning law in another jurisdiction and improving my Spanish language skills. Like a lot of students of my age then - partying and drinking were almost part of the curriculum. I went to Madrid (un poco verde) - a little green - as in possibly slightly immature and not very street-wise hence putting the work in the coming of age genre. This being the case there are themes which are pertinent to people of all ages and some of the philosophical conundrums encountered are universal if one looks too deep.

I do intend to continue to write and tweak and should another of my works become available this "biography" shall surely be updated.

And as promised:

I have been writing poetry since an early age. Writing songs began a little later when I was the lead singer in a soft-rock band - we dreamed of stardom but alas it did not happen. Of the lyrics that I have included in my little booklet some were written first and the melody followed and with others the melody led the way to the words. The band seemed to fade out of existance when I was to continue my undergraduate law and language studies in Spain.

I have travelled and lived in other places throughout my life and gained some knowledge of other cultures.

Although I would say I have a wealth of ideas for publishing it was only until recently that I decided to begin with my first book "Psychotic Memoirs. (Coming out the journey within)" parts of which are very poetic.

I intend to continue writing - its a help to release and interpret events in one's life. So far I have no projects which will be completed in the short-term but I am working on a number of projects.

One of the problems I have with publishing is that I take a very honest approach to my writing which would prevent me from publishing all I have written and limits my ability to market my work. I am here to promote what I have published but do not seek to promote myself in the process.

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A Note From David Forest

Hi just thought I'd let you manic readers have the opportunity to see my work.

I am an indie author with absolutely no idea of how to market - something made more difficult by hiding behind my nom de plume - something I feel is a necessity for me due to the honesty of my books. 

I hope you will notice my works here and if any of you like them feel free to leave a review.

Happy reading.

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Psychotic Memoirs (Escaping Scientology)

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my little booklet of songs and poems

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Psychotic Memoirs (Coming out the journey within)

Available Now!
Psychotic Memoirs (Coming out the journey within)

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