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David Joel Miller is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. He sees individuals, couples, children, and families to solve a variety of life problems. Mr. Miller teaches substance abuse counseling courses at the local college. Mr. Miller has presented talks before a variety of community groups. He has written books and a guest column for a bi-weekly paper. Mr. Miller writes a blog, Non-fiction books and articles, and novels about people overcoming life’s problems.   



Current Releases
Sasquatch has discovered a hole in time and is preying on humans. Can two people lost in the desert survive?  The guests had come to Meditation Mountain to find themselves. Trapped in the Menhirs during a sudden desert storm, two guests move th...
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Sasquatch Attacks: A time travel adventure
Arthur survives being shot in the casino robbery, but someone still wants him dead.  He can’t forget seeing his fiancée die in the robbery. Plagued by recurring nightmares, unable to return to the casino, he retires to a small town...
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Casino Robbery
You are cruising along the road of life and then wham, something knocks you in the ditch. Sometimes you get your life going again quickly. Other time you may stay off track and in the ditch for a considerable time. If you have gone through a divorce,...
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Bumps on the Road of Life

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