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Karen finishes her task on His-Terrary, triumphs over her sworn enemy, and marries the man she loves. When everything seems to be perfect, her life and family are threatened by the sudden appearance of one of her husband’s old enemies who mu...
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Karen is an Ecoleer team leader whose mission is to terra-form dead planets. She's young, beautiful, smart, and tough as well as being so rich that she lacks for nothing. She's also determined to end the life of her sworn enemy as well a...
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Diamonds and Rust (Book 2, Galactic Ecoleers Inc)
Karen is young, beautiful, smart, and more than willing to use all her attributes to get ahead. She knows what she’s getting into even though the job requires her to be a part-time prostitute, but the job of being a deep space ecology eng...
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The "Rust Bucket" UNiverse (Book 1 Galactic Ecoleers)

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