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David Samuel Pilling

I am 32 years old and currently work in the Library and Archive at the Tate Gallery in London. Previous jobs included stints at The Royal Opera House and The School of Oriental and African Studies.

I have been writing fiction and non-fiction on a freelance basis for the past three years, and many of my non-fictional articles have appeared in various regional and national UK publications.

My fiction is inspired by my love of historical and science fiction and authors such as George McDonald Fraser, George R.R.Martin and Bernard Cornwell. 

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Current Releases
"In the time of Sorrow, one shall take shelter under the Dead, and there be met by the Crooked Man.” An uneasy peace has descended over the World Apparent. The Winter Realm and the Old Kingdom are recovering from the cataclysmic eve...
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Sorrow Part 8: The Crooked Man
  Death and desolation close in on Sir John Swale as his age-old enemies, the Folvilles, exact a final bloody revenge. The end looms for Sir John Swale as he deserts Balliol’s doomed campaign in Scotland and races home to try an...
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The Wolf of Fairburn
  Two kingdoms are locked in a bloody, drawn-out war for supremacy, forcing Sir John Swale to take up arms in a struggle he does not believe in... Unable to return to England to protect his family, Sir John Swale finds his life at ris...
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The Lady of the Forest
  On a desolate moor in Scotland, the armies of Scotland and the Disinherited clash to decide the fate of a kingdom. The wheel of fortune turns full circle as Sir John Swale and Sir Malcolm Forbes face each other across a battleground...
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Dupplin Moor
  John Swale's family is offered divine assistance to heal their crippled daughter Joan, but does the offer come from God or the Devil? Summer, 1331, and Edward Balliol’s plans for the invasion of Scotland are coming to frui...
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The Mercy of God
  God forbid, the angels wail, that John Crabbe should ever Heaven assail... The notorious Flemish pirate, John Crabbe, has achieved fame and fortune preying on English merchant shipping on behalf of the beleaguered Scots. Now settled...
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John Crabbe
  Justice and revenge ride side by side as John Swale goes hunting for Eustace Folville... Ordered by King Edward to hunt down Eustace Folville and his ilk, Sir John Swale rides into Leicestershire at the head of a small army, determi...
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The Wild Hunt
  Who will defend Scotland, now that the Bruce has gone to his grave? War looms in Scotland as a boy-king ascends the throne, and a pretender to his crown returns from years of exile in France…
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The Pretender
  The running order is: Folville's Law; The King Stag; Exiles; Royal Favour; The Black Lion of Forbes; A Company of Thieves. The outlaw Eustace Folville returns, sword in one hand and bow in the other, to claim the r...
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A Company of Thieves
  The running order is: Folville's Law; The King Stag; Exiles; Royal Favour; The Black Lion of Forbes; A Company of Thieves. The ghosts of the past return to haunt the remains of the Swale family, even as the son of ...
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The Black Lion of Forbes
  The running order is: Folville's Law; The King Stag; Exiles; Royal Favour; The Black Lion of Forbes; A Company of Thieves. Sir John Swale and his family have returned to England, but can they stay together With...
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Royal Favour
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Can Sir John Swale keep his family together in the face of war, exile and the cruelty of nature...and does he have the will to do so? Spring 1331: Swale and his wife Elizabeth are living as exiles in the English-held province of Gascony, but w...
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The year is 1331, five years on from the events in Folville's Law. Sir John Swale and Elizabeth Clinton have forged a new life in exile, but Swale longs to return home. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in England as rival factions threaten a rene...
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The King Stag
A novel set in the closing years of Edward II's reign, following the adventures of Sir John Swale, knight of Cumberland, as he investigates a murder in the Midlands that threatens to destabilize the kingdom. Along the way he meets a widow, Eli...
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Folville's Law

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