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I live in sunny SoCal, I golf, I write, I read.

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How does one expedite torture? What happens in the mind of the tortured? Is it different for each soldier, each martyr? Only they know the answer. Perhaps Dillinger Flakewaiter, a soldier, a martyr, an everyday madman has written what it is that h...
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Torture in the Garden of Eden
Paddockwood: a sleepy town along the banks of the Saskatchewan River. It is an unlikely place for a dynasty to be born or a serial killer to lurk. While farmers and their families fight the seasons and their personal battles, an innocent merger ta...
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They Ate Peaches is a unique mixture of love and multi-racial characters who travel from the congested streets of New York City to the blood-soaked soil of Israel. Jacob is a neurotic laborer. While enroute to Israel and his roots, he stops i...
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They Ate Peaches

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