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Dayna Leigh Cheser hails from a family of writers; her mother, a non-fiction writer, and her brothers, a newspaperman, and a copywriter. 

In school, she often wrote short stories to entertain her classmates, and the occasional teacher who intercepted one. This influenced one English teacher to modify her cirriculum to include short story writing. 

Term papers prepared Ms. Cheser for the rigors of being an author – the research and writing creativity necessary for a paper gave her a good basis for a writing career upon which to build. She’s found that researching historical facts and people to weave into her stories is an exciting and important part of the process. 

While she has many passions, her first love has always been books, which evolved into writing.  Much of her young life was spent in the town library, and her parents dispaired her being an under-the-covers-at-night-with-a-flashlight reader.

A casual writer since childhood, it wasn’t until 2002 that she was driven to finally write a book. On a ‘graveyard shift’ shift for eighteen months, she had the time to write for several hours every night. The result was her first book. Today, with three books published and two more in the series due out soon, she’s busy all the time.

Her life before her retirement didn’t allow the time required to be a professional writer.  Since retiring, however, she’s loved the time she now has to write to her heart’s content.

Readers enjoy Ms. Cheser’s books because they are great stories, with by well-developed characters. Not a ‘formula writer’, when she writes, the story is free to progress as it will, then she works with it until it becomes a reality.

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A Note From Dayna Leigh Cheser

Hi all!

Just a note to let you know Logan's Time (book 4) and Clarissa's Time (book 5) are both in the works.  I'm hoping Logan's Time will be available in the spring 2015 with Clarissa's Time following either later in 2015 or early in 2016.

Logan's Time is a spinoff of Janelle's Time (book 1) and takes plage largely in Scotland in the 1800s.  Logan, the Scots Duke of Muileach, becomes the Duke early when his father leaves Muileach to search for his errant wife.

Clarissa's Time is a combination of Scotland and the US as Logan's oldest daughter marries Janelle's oldest son.  Damian Gerard is an officer in the US Army, statined in Washington DC.  Clarissa, born Lady Clarissa, gives up her Scots peerage to become Damian Gerard's wife.

For more information about my books, including a free chapter, go to

Current Releases
Adelle is back! After a year of recovery from her ill-fated romance with Theo (see Moria’s Time), and thinking about her future, Adelle returns to London, still intent on marrying a duke … with a carefully thought out plan. First, ...
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Adelle's Time, Book 3 of the TIME Series
Janelle Grayson is distraught over a troubling vision. Old Agnes MacKendall has seen her infant daughter, Moria, as a young woman, years in the future, traveling afar to a perilous place, fraught with danger. Janelle and her husband, Richard, ...
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Moria's Time, Book 2 of TIME Series
“If you love the magic of romance and the romance of magic, this is a book for you.” Ken Weene, author Janelle’s Time is the epic story of the great love between a New Hampshire farmer’s daughter, Janelle LeDuc, and the...
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Janelle's Time, Book 1 of TIME Series

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