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Dean Gray is an artist and an author. A voracious reader of science fiction from an early age Dean has inhaled the works of Orson Scott Card, Asimov, Bradbury,George RR. Martin, Ursula LeGuine and William Gibson before they were ever put on the big screen. She probably read the 'Gor' series at far too young an age and has had an abiding fascination with issues of consent in fiction since then. Growing up next to the water Dean has always had a fascination with the sea, the roll and sway of the waters, it's mysteries and contradictions. That's probably why she takes such delight in created tangled, twisting stories, where nothing is ever quite as it seems. She shares her love of writing with a circle of great friend who all 'speak Dean' and can't even talk to you before a cup of coffee in the morning.

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In spite of all the bad memories and fears, Jordan had dutifully returned home to Mt. Desert Island, Maine to look after his ailing mother. Now, financially devastated by her care and emotionally exhausted by her death, Jordan tries to pick up the pi...
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Storm's Eye

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