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Deb Logan

Hi! I write Children’s, Tween, and Young Adult fantasy. I love dragons and faeries and all things unexplained. I’m especially fond of Celtic & Native American tales. Faeries and Dragons and Thunderbirds, Oh My!

I hope you’ll visit me at Facebook and Twitter!

Current Releases
Twelve-year-old Native American girl, Janine Prentiss, is tired of spending her summers digging up dinosaur bones with her single-parent father, an eminent paleontologist. But neither does she want to spend her summer vacation listening to her sha...
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The most important week of Claire’s life has arrived -- the first day of high school, followed closely by her uber-important fifteenth birthday -- and where are her parents? Sunning in the south of France, that’s where! As if derelicti...
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Faery Unexpected

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