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Debbie Lehner Rosenberg

I've been in love with food since I could make a cake with mixes and a light bulb.

​The current loves in my life are my husband of several decades, and adult kids who make me incredibly proud every day. 

​While I  have been making  up stories before I could  bake, my work week is spent in the medical field.  I  like to call myself a scientist, although when real scientists scoff at this they would be right.

An ex-pat New Yorker, I live in tropical South Florida with my husband, who holds my hand through thick and thin (sometimes literally), and tells me he loves my cooking.

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Wendy Katz is determined to make her family's new life in South Florida fabulous. But when she becomes inundated with the activities of her overachieving daughter and running interference for her brilliant but socially awkward son, she finds hers...
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