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Debbie Mumford, a mother of three and grandmother of four, lives in southwest Washington with her husband, beloved bullmastiff and ghost-white cat. When the active characters that people her imagination allow, she’s a quilt artist and teacher, and of course, an avid reader.

Current Releases
Sorcha and Caedyrn's love has created a new breed of beings. Neither wholly dragon nor fully human, Sorcha's children shapeshift at will. The six fledglings have been raised as dragons, but the time has come to explore their human heritage...
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Dragons’ Choice
A legendary relic, a dragon-wrought amulet, the Heart of Fire may be the salvation of her people, and Sorcha is willing to pay any price to obtain it, but when she discovers the price is the loss of her humanity, she learns caution too late. Only ...
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Sorcha's Heart
Cat Logan, a young American with a recent degree in medieval literature, travels to Scotland to discover her Celtic roots. She finds more than she bargained for when a mysterious silver casket (rumored to hold the desiccated heart of a long dead S...
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The Silver Casket

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