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Deborah Melanie is the wife of a retired, semi professional footballer. She is a mother, cat lover,designer, reviewer and published author.

Deborah writes stories primarily describing life in England. She loves to set stories in small market towns, with close knit communities and a backdrop of rolling hills and beautiful landscapes. Her stories are contemporary ; often combining her interests in the paranormal, comedy and food. Deborah likes to write both sweet and sexy romance stories.

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What could possibly happen when two work colleagues meet moonlight, champagne and the sound of the surf at a magical beach house?  London solicitors Raine and Greg are working in California for a month. It could be the perfect opportunity for...
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The Beach House
  Kane and Serena meet once a week for sex in an anonymous hotel. They have an agreement; silence is golden. No words at all are used during their weekly encounter. Is this the ideal sexual relationship or a one way ticket to a broken heart? ...
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Don't Speak
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