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Deborah Merrell & Marva Dale  are the pen names for Texas author Debra McReynolds.  She has recently contracted with Oak Tree Press for her “Death By the Decade” series under the name of Marva Dale.  Each book focuses on a mystery during each decade, from the 1920s and on to the present.Her first novel, Death of a Flapper, takes place in 1920s New York.  The following press release provides more information about the book.  Death of a Flapper (January 2012) is available in both print and ebook format through  

Debra still pens her sexy/erotic romances for ebook distributors, under her pen name of Deborah Merrell.  So far, she has 14 books available, with the majority available through,,, and In addition, her historical romance, Far From Eden: New World is available through, under her pen name of Marva Dale.  Far From Eden is the first in a series of novels of the Traynor Family saga in early America.  Subsequent titles are:  Far From Eden:  Promised Land, Far From Heaven, and Far From Glory.


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Under Cover Girl

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