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I"ve been wandering around this planet way longer than I would have thought possible when I was a kid.  In my travels I've accumulated three wonderful daughters and four amazing grandchildren, with one more on the way.  I guess the old song that says it's been a long, strange trip really applies and writing about it is the most fun I can have with what I call my life.
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Meretessa Brexiano believes in love. Her heart yearns for a true bond with the man she weds. She also believes she can change her fate. Refusing the marriage her father has arranged, she strikes a bargain with a man she hopes can teach her the art of...
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Training Tessa
Rose DeSalvo has had better days. Not many but a few. Especially since she left her cheating husband Eddie behind. But Eddie has turned up again to wreck havoc in her life. This time, though, he's buried among her prize roses. Rose knows she'...
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Bone of My Bones
Lobster Cove Rory DuMont has had enough of hiding the fact that she sees ghosts. Lobster Cove is a new start and she's determined to shed the mistakes of the past. If that means she ends up alone then so be it. What she can't seem to shed ...
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A Ghost of a Clue
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Vampire Gates McHenry has waited eighty years for a chance at sexy shapeshifter Ava Harper. When she stalks into his bar armed with a wolf trap and a nasty attitude, he knows the time has come to deal himself into the game.  But the stake...
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Gambler's Moon
Stellan was the last thing Cardis expected to deal with when she fled her home planet of Adena to avoid another unwanted challenger.  Safely stored away on her father's freighter, she thought she'd escaped any man who wanted to invoke Adena's tr...
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The Prize

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