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Dee Carney began writing short stories in middle school, but did not attempt completion of a novel until almost ten years later – which despite good intentions was never finished. Almost ten additional years later, she challenged herself to begin writing again and the love for storytelling was rekindled. Now, Dee is a best selling, award winning author of urban fantasy, paranormal and interracial erotic romances and erotica.
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  Tanya spends hours at a time painting renditions of the masculine—and very nude—glory that is Joe, her gorgeous blue-eyed model. The things an artist has to suffer for her craft. When he offers to help her learn how to impro...
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Brush Strokes
  Whispers from the dead are everywhere…because their greatest desire is to be heard.   Sabrina Turner has found only one way to stop the curse she was born with—allow an incubus to worship her body in exchange f...
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Intimate Whispers
*EXOTIKA™ stories focus on a sexual journey or adventure. Although they may contain a romance, they do not have to include that as the primary focus; the relationship does not need to be monogamous or end with commitment. Tasha’s c...
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All Aboard
Jasmine is sick in bed when a sexy stranger breaks in and reveals she's suffering an irreversible case of vampirism. And because her turning wasn't approved by the Council, he must kill her once the transition is complete. In the meantime, the execut...
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Hunger Aroused
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When sexy consultant Emory Dawson puts plump executive chef Keira Bronley's job on the chopping block, she’s not going to take it lying down. Err... Obviously, he's never tasted the delights she offered. Or her food either. Now, alone in a kitchen...
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With A Cherry On Top
Jonah Ballard has seven days to find a way to stop the possession trying to consume him or resign himself to preternaturally induced madness. His twin brother, Elijah, has no intention of letting that happen. Their father’s legacy has doomed th...
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The life of a merman should be relatively simple, but not for Danyl. His mother’s been murdered, his father’s responsible and now he’s out for blood. Thank the gods, the key to doing so rests in the hands of a beautiful human who is...
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Deeper Than The Ocean
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Commander Davana Black hates being in the human realm, but when two rogue demon juveniles make it their place of hiding, it’s her job to go in and retrieve them. If she’d had just the slightest clue she’d end up feeling the mating c...
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Cold Blooded
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Up until now, almost every part of her life has been dictated to her. When Lia Hampton, vampire prima lux, goes clubbing with her best friend, it's the last bit of rebellion against her arranged marriage she can muster. An attempt on her life was not...
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Illicit Hunger
Shawna never tried to deny the attraction to her young Greek coworker, Damian. Intensely handsome with a heavy accent, he is the object of her fantasies. It's no wonder when he mistakenly overhears her call his name while masturbating, he decides it'...
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How to Tame a Cougar
Kane has to convince his best friend Nadine of two things. First, it’s time for her to stop mourning her deceased fiancé. Second – and most importantly – Kane has fallen in love with her. Nadine knows if she can move past ...
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Letting Go
When Hope makes a wish upon a falling star for true love, two men -- her ex-boyfriend and former childhood best-friend -- immediately appear in her life. Hope has unresolved feelings for her ex, Miles, but a new-found attraction for her friend, Ju...
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Upon A Falling Star

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