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Deena Ward

Deena Ward writes erotic fantasies with a classic twist. She believes there could be nothing finer than having a job that demands she spend hours and hours of every day in worlds of her own creation.

She lives in the Midwest USA with her partner and a rowdy, plump beagle.

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The powerful conclusion to Nonnie Crawford’s remarkable journey Despondent and adrift, Nonnie lingers in self-enforced exile on Gibson Reeve’s estate. The daunting task of rebuilding her life seems more than she can face. I&r...
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The Submissive's Last Word (The Power to Please, Book Four)
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Why won’t the past stay where it belongs? Nonnie Crawford seeks a destiny outside society’s norms, mapping her own sexual journey into the realm of BDSM. She puts the past behind her and looks forward with a newfound sense of free...
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His Name Is Sir (The Power to Please, Book Three)
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Who says a girl can’t have it all? Nonnie Crawford agrees to spend five nights with Michael Weston, five nights exploring her newly-discovered fascination with BDSM and her craving to submit herself, sexually, to a powerful, dominant ma...
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The Playboy's Proposition (The Power to Please, Book Two)
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Who knows where one night of passion might lead? Nonnie Crawford’s disastrous marriage is over. The divorce papers are signed and she’s ready to begin a new life. Out celebrating with friends, she attracts the notice of a dark-eye...
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The Businessman's Tie (The Power to Please, Book One)
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