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When Demelza Hart closes her eyes, her imagination has a party. This can be problematic when trying to sleep. Since her teens, those imaginings have often centred around sex, and a few years ago she wrote some of them down. She loved it and hasn't stopped. Her erotic stories and books are published with Xcite Books, Totally Bound and Absolute Erotica. Demelza enjoys both contemporary and historical erotic fiction and relishes the verbal interplay between character. She loves developing effective dialogue to build tension and believability between characters. Enjoy!

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What a pirate captain wants, he gets. And when Becky Dymond is thrown across time onto his ship, Captain Jasper Trevelyan takes. The very modern Becky Dymond seeks adventure on the high seas. But when her training brig is beset by a storm, she&rsq...
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Claimed by the Captain

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Dust and Desire
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Lasso Lovin'
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Can the scars of war be healed by passion? It is 1922, four years after the end of the Great War. When Miriam Dewhurst accepts a teaching position at Blackdown Hall, an isolated boarding school on the edge of Dartmoor, she is not put off by the st...
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Out of the Storm

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Exposed - Book Two in the Suited to You trilogy
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A Cheeky Romance by Demelza Hart After Tara’s incredible night on the Underground with five strangers, The Suit left his phone number on a scrap of the Financial Times, but does she dare contact him again? He was the one she remembers, ...
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Spontaneous - Book One in the Suited to You trilogy
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Is pleasure at the firm hands of Edward, the valet, enough for Lady Isabella? Perhaps not. When a new footman arrives, she takes another plaything. Life in a grand Edwardian country house is stifling Lady Isabella Fortescue, and her bullying, ...
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In Service to the Senses
An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including masturbation, husband-watching, supernatural, gay, neighbours, partner swap and group sex in public. Your Ultimate Fantasy by Elizabeth Coldwell When Lisa is given...
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Your Ultimate Fantasy

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