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Arkansas native Denele Campbell tracks her family’s roots in the state back to the early 1800s and credits this inheritance for her love of homegrown tomatoes and hoot owls late at night. After college and a few years on the West Coast, Campbell and her then-husband settled on a tick-infested Ozark hilltop to raise three children amid organic gardening, milking goats, and preparing for the apocalypse. Since the 1980s when her series of biographical profiles of musicians was published in The Grapevine, Campbell’s interest in Northwest Arkansas and its people has resulted in articles published in the Washington County Historical Society’s quarterly, Flashback, and several books. 

Current Releases
They are aware of nothing. Not movement, even though they exist within a stream of photons traveling at the speed of light. Not thought, even though they contain among them all the knowledge that can be known. They are One, Chroma. Fundamental ...
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Chroma: Light Being Human
A visiting guinea? A ‘possum in the dining room? What strange and wondrous occurrences can one expect while living on an Ozark mountaintop for forty years? These lyrical adventure stories feature chickens, raccoons, bugs, dogs, cats, and nat...
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I Met A Goat On The Road, And Other Stories Of Life On This Hill

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