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Denise Weeks is a graduate of Plano Senior High (Tx) and Southern Methodist University.  She has worked as a software engineer, technical writer, and mathematics teacher.  She is also an accomplished amateur pianist who will apply to compete in the next Cliburn Piano Competition for Talented Amateurs and an avid trivia player.  She and her husband live in a northern suburb of Dallas with their pets, including a yappy Pomeranian and her elderly mother.

Her traditional mystery, NICE WORK, won the 2011 Dark Oak First Mystery Novel contest and will be published this fall by Oak Tree Press.  It is the first in the Snoop Sisters series starring Jacquidon Carroll and her sister Chantal.  The book appeals to readers of traditional mysteries, but has humor and a bit of an edge.

Her blog:

Her Jacquidon Carroll mystery series has its own blog (to celebrate the upcoming publication of NICE WORK) at

See also Shalanna Collins (author page at


A Note From Denise G Weeks

I am thrilled to have a way for readers to get in touch with me and browse information about my books!  Add my blogs to your bloglist.  If you enjoy fantasy or young adult novels, see my alter ego Shalanna Collins' page here at

Visit my blogs!  (a collaborative blog shared among

Oak Tree Press authors and our editors/publisher)


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