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 As many writers As many writers say 'I've always loved wrting',  but really, it's a prerequisite because it's hard to make a living unless you're a bestseller! Especially now with so many great writers out there and self-publishing being so easy to do. However, first and foremost in my life is my family. They are the top of the pyramid, with everything else spread out below.

I was born in Halifax, Yorkshire (England), and lived in a small village on the highest hill in sight - why anyone would put a village way up there is something I've never found out. But it was a great place to live - there were riding stables just two fields over the wall from my house where I spent quite a bit of my time. I seem to remember the weather being more reliable back then, it snowed on time and in summer, the sun was hot enough to bubble the tar on the roads.

I'm shy and don't make friends easily, as an only child and much younger than all my cousins childhood was mainly a solitary affair, so a book, note pad and pencil were my constant companions. I started horse riding just before my 5th birthday and for quite a few years horses were the main subject of my writing – lamentably so, according to my teachers.  

I met my Scottish husband when I gate-crashed his toga party, we fell in love, moved in together shortly after. We married and had two sons - now, more or less grown-up. All four of us.

By now, I have four books in print and ebook – with eternal thanks to my publisher World Castle Publishing!

Hopefully more of my books accepted by them, since I love writing and my (imaginary) friends, who are also my characters, are always full of new adventures to tell me about and share with others.

Apart from my family and writing, I love drawing, reading, camping, DIY, chocolate, coffee, ice cream – in no particular order!

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We left feather-phobic demon Azarial inadvertently breaking rules by helping her Nightchild friend, Kalesh, through his coming-of-age, and trying to come to terms with her Mom being a Fallen Archangel. Still wanting to find out her Father'...
Available Now!
Hell is Where the Heart is
 Anraun is one of the most beautiful worlds in the Structure, but something is causing dark dreams among the more sensitive of its inhabitants. Something that was exiled centuries ago by the strongest Prime Lords of that time. The prison worl...
Available Now!
 Jenna is an ex-junkie and talented illustrator who seemingly attracts trouble wherever she goes. On the run from her addiction and looking for a physical and spiritual breathing space, she meets up with Lone Wolf. This young half-breed Apach...
Available Now!
 DEMONS ARE Azarial thought. It was a cold day in Hell when Azarial – demon, sculptor and daughter to the Fallen angel Sariel - got the first inkling she wasn’t quite the person she‘d thought she was. Then w...
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Cold Day in Hell

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