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Best Selling author and Emma finalist DeniseJeffries has been writing since 1993.  Having journaled life events since she was a child, on the prompting of a friend she decided to put those thoughts and dreams into books.  She has fourteen books and four published short stories to her fiction writing credits plus numerous nonfiction articles and essays. 


Sheis known for bringing the characters alive in her stories while adding a touch of wit, mystery and suspense and her books are called a wild ride of romance and intrigue. Denise, a Registered Nurse, resides with her husband, Leon in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


Whenshe is not writing, thinking about writing or providing workshops on writing, she works as a medical care manager.  She loves traveling, reading and killing off people in her books and she does each one with flare and pizzazz.         


She loveshearing from readers Visit her site at

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Denise P. Jeffries Apr 7, 2008

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SLEEPING BEAUTY     Everyone looked familiar.  Everyone looked like strangers.  Stormy woke up every night with a scream torn from her throat, blood covering her body and raw flesh under the nails.  She soon re...
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Sleeping Beauty
As stocks plummet and emotions soar, Samantha Skylar, the owner and CEO of Sky Pharmaceuticals is plagued by deceit and conspiracy.  She’s tough, powerful and alone.  The last thing she needs right now is a mysterious, devastatingl...
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Hunter Roberts is anything but weak. but the past he ran away from has crippled him in ways he never envisioned. The last thing he needs is a federal witness dropped in his lap. His protecting days are over. Especially her, Jade. She's soft. S...
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Visions in the Dark

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Whispers In The Dark
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